Young Sister and the Secret Deal


A woman who wants to study genitals! A woman who makes money through love affair! Soo-min moved to a urology department in the provinces, so she came to Dae-hyeon’s house to lodge. Soo-min, who happened to be interested in seeing Dae-hyeon’s genitals, suggests a part-time job to study Dae-hyeon’s genitals, but Dae-hyeon, a test taker, is not interested in Soo-min. Hee-jin and Dae-hyeon live in Cheol-soo’s boarding house. Hee-jin earns her living expenses through political affairs with Cheol-soo. Upon learning of this fact, Soo-min informs Dae-hyeon that Hee-jin and Cheol-soo had an affair. Knowing that the allowance from Hee-jin was Hee-jin’s sexual labor, Dae-hyeon decided not to accept Hee-jin’s money anymore and accepted Su-min’s offer of part-time job.