The Memory of My First Experience (2023)


Seong-ae, who was innocent as a child, has her first relationship with Geon-woo, who was a jobless gangster in the neighborhood. Her curious sexuality opened her eyes to sexuality after having a relationship with his brother, and her sexuality as an adult seems ordinary and plain on the outside, but it may be because of her experience with her first man. The sex was getting rough. During her school days, she was tricked by her best friend, Yoo-ri, into stealing her older brother, and eventually, the two are now married. Geon-woo meets Seong-ae from time to time without Yoo-ri’s knowledge and enjoys sex. Yoo-ri, who is also fed up with Myeong-jin, introduces Myeong-jin to Seong-ae and tells her to enjoy her sex. Seong-ae, who knows but deceives, begins to expose the relationship between Geon-woo and Yoo-ri to the world.