5 The long-established inn where Saki is the proprietress was once one of the best inns in this hot spring town. However, she is no longer in her prime, and Saki, thinking about her future, consults Kita, the talented president of her travel agency. Having devised a plan, Kita proposes, Lets use the beautiful proprietress wonderful body to satisfy the guests, aim for 5 stars, and prosper! Saki cant hide her surprise at the plan, but she makes a decision because she thinks its the only way to revive her inn. Saki, who is introduced to a local influential person from the north, feels that the fate of her inn depends on the satisfaction of this customer, so she strives to provide erotic customer service with all her might Please heal both your heart and your lower body. This is an inn that takes pride in its high-quality hospitality for gentlemen. A beautiful young proprietress who serves as a personal entertainer to liven up the hot spring inn! ! !

Actors: Okuda Saki