MAX Lets go! Seno, Echiechi Kyun! This is Tokyo Echiechi Angel Cafe, a dream shop where customers are served by cafe girls dressed in revealing costumes. Yo Aoi, who works here, not only has a good face, but her figure is the slimmest and sexiest of all the women Ive ever seen! She has the best big breasts that have an outstanding presence that you can press against her arm when taking an instax photo shoot. But I have to go to work tomorrow, so I thought it was time to go home, but hey! Are you begging for more time while touching your body closely? Actually, its not okay, but its okay if I touch your breasts. Huh? Theres no reason to be tempted like that Please do so! Serve thick customers with blowjobs and titty fucks so other customers wont find out. Jubojubo Jubojubo At the end of the day, even though we are open for business, we secretly hide and have a real performance! Ah, this extraordinary feeling is truly amazing! I see, this is the paradise that I heard about! Fofofofo (joy). From now on, I will continue to promote the kind and naughty Yo Aoi-chan with her amazing body! *Concafe is an abbreviation for concept cafe, and is a cafe that differentiates itself by unifying the store and staff based on a worldview that follows a specific theme. Its definitely not a sex shop.

Actors: Hinata Kaede