128AVAVSEX4 Miyu Aizawa, a real idol who has been in the entertainment industry since the age of 12, quit the agency she belonged to for 8 years and became a sexy actress. Here are her works, in which she kept a close eye on all of them and kept the camera rolling. She hesitated, wavered, shed tears, and once gave up on appearing in an AV, but she still wanted to shine once more and returned to the center stage. A neat and clean idol who has become a little more mature is excited to release nudes and perform in public! Her cuteness and beauty coexist, and the sight of her blushing face and eagerly sucking a cock is adorable. She has a face, breasts, buttocks, and although she is an idol, she actually loves sex and even squirted for the first time in her life, so she has the sex potential to carry the AV world on her back! Take a look at the four months it takes for an orthodox idol to make a serious decision.

Actors: Aizawa Miyu