kawaii*AV2SNSAVBODYF That day, the day I met you. It was as if an angel had descended upon hera sweet and gentle voice and an incredibly cute smile. We fell in love instantly I want to do a job that makes people all over Japan smile Aina Mizuki, a supernova who appeared like a comet in kawaii*, makes her AV debut! A serious girl in her second year of working life, who was living a very normal life, miraculously changed jobs from a regular job because she admired the world of AV that she discovered on SNS! She was smiling all the time even during the nerve-wracking filming! She has a slender healthy body and beautiful f-cup breasts, and surprisingly, her pussy hair is so fluffy that it gets wet instantly with her naughty juices! Her face, body and lewd appearance are all perfect! The talented innocent beautiful girl that all the staff instantly fell in love with has finally appeared!

Actors: Mitsuki Aina