1st Place is Glamour’s Friend’s Sister (2023)


An erotic film about the relationship between four men and women who live in one space. Secret sex with a friend’s sexy sister who seduces her brother’s friend! Brother, can we do this? Seung-yeon lives with his older brother, and Kwang-soo cannot find a place to live easily after breaking up with his girlfriend, so he asks his friend, Seung-yeon’s brother, to let him live in his house for a while until he finds a new place. Her brother also brings her girlfriend, Hye-mi, to his house to live with him on the premise of marriage. Meanwhile, Seung-yeon, who likes tattoos, is attracted to Kwang-soo, who has a big tattoo on his chest, and while cleaning the house together, they started showing each other’s tattoos until they were wrapped in strange excitement and had sex. After introducing her girlfriend Hye-mi to Kwang-soo and Seung-yeon, her brother had sex with her girlfriend in his room, but he was cautious because Kwang-soo and Seung-yeon were there. A few days later, Kwang-soo gets a job and goes to live near the company, while Seung-yeon also transfers and ends up living near the school. Can Seung-yeon and Kwang-soo develop into real lovers?